Saturday, 26 June 2010

Storm The Charts

Last Christmas saw a group of music fans mobilise themselves in protest to the monopolisation of the Christmas number 1 by Simon Cowell and X factor. They had amazing success in getting Rage Against The Machines' 'Killing In The Name Of' to the top of the charts and kept the X factor winner off the top in the process.

Since this campaign there have been several other attempts to get songs into the charts this year; Rangers and Leeds United fans managed to get ‘Simply The Best’ (Tina Turner) and ‘Marching On Together’ into the top ten respectively.

Getting old songs back into the chart is all well and good though, but what about getting new musicians in there? And instead of concentrating on one song, how about the whole chart? Storm the Charts, the brainchild of Wes White, has that very aim.

Over the past few weeks over 500 applicants has been whittled down to 40 through a mix of public vote and choices from some prominent guests. The only criteria for applying was that the bands weren't on a major label and haven't charted before.

'Starting the Sunday of Glastonbury, we're asking everyone to download as many different songs from the list as they can - and we'll see what happens. We don't know if we'll chart but we're going to give it our best shot!' Wes White.

Included in the list are 2 of Wakefield’s finest, and Rhubarb Bomb favourites, namely Runaround Kids with their track ‘Lois Interprets’ and Imp with ‘Party’. So get yourself to iTunes and come 4th July (wonderfully renamed 'Independents Day') you can be part of this ambitious and potentially historic project. And if you really want to get behind it check out the rest of the list at


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