Monday, 23 August 2010

Rhubarb Bomb Cake Recipe


When you've next got some spare time, why not bake a cake?! Its easy, fun and makes your friends very happy. For the issue 1.3 launch party i made a cake and it was pretty good (i thought). Its slightly different from a regular sponge recipe, but still nice and simple. Also, our good friend Abi has set up a cake making blog with her friend Sally - check it our here >

250g Unsalted Butter
250g Golden Caster Sugar
250g Self Raising Flour
90g Plain Flour
5 medium eggs
100g full fat greek yoghurt
Vanilla Essence
a little bit of milk

1) First, get the oven turned on, to around 150 degrees, Gas Mark 3

2) Soften the butter and mix it in with the sugar until its a nice smooth consistency. Also add vanilla essence, 1 or 2 teaspoons.

3) Put in the eggs, on at a time. Once complete, dont worry if the mixture seems too runny, it'll be fine. Add in the yoghurt.

4) Mix the two flours together, and then slowly sieve them into the fixture, folding them in as you do. Once all the flour is in you should have something much more like a traditional cake mixture. Add in about 3 tablespoons of Milk

5) Pour into a 20cm cake tin and pop in the oven for 1hr 20 mins.


I tired two options for decorating it:

a) Once the cake has cooled for about 30 minutes, get 50g of Golden Caster Sugar and a teaspoon of Vanilla Essence in a bowl. Add 50ml of water and mix until the sugar has dissolved. Then find a long thin implement, like a kniting needle, and put holes in the top of the cake, all the way through. Then pour over the syrup, letting it go into the holes. This will make the cake extra moist whilst also giving it a nice crunchy top.

b) Get 250g of icing sugar and 125g of butter in a bowl. Mix then together until you have a hard but creamy texture. Cut the cake in half, across, and spread the buttercream all over the cake, replacing the second half on top. Then, if you like, melt some chocolate and pop that over the top.

There you go, Rhubarb Bomb cake. And yes, i know it doesnt contain any Rhubarb, but im working up to that!

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