Monday, 13 December 2010

Constellations Festival Review

A boy waking up and getting ready for school, a man waking up at 6am thinking “Christ I could do with an extra couple of hours”. To me, these days are the ones that you don't remember, the ones that you're generally annoyed about. For the past week I haven't been able to concentrate on anything else other than what Constellations had in store for me.

time passes...

I wake up, a grin sweeps over my face, I leap out of bed, shit, I'm having a 'fat day'. Where the hell are my clean clothes?! I knew I shouldn't have stayed up so late watching Sean Bean movies and eating dry sugar puffs. I'm on the bus, I sit next to a middle aged man who seems to have a vendetta against life. He squirms, my headphones blast out some Sky Larkin, Broken Social Scene and, for good measure, a bit of Biggie Smalls. Dear reader, you must know before reading the rest of this review that Broken Social Scene are my favourite band. I get off the bus and stroll towards a fellow constellationite's car.

time passes...

I arrive - I'm so early, I must fill my gutty wuts with chips, chicken and garlic mayo; today is going to be long. Where else can you drink lager comfortably before 1pm other than a festival? Now you must know, given it is a festival review, there are bands I can and cannot see. This is my Constellations festival.

Firstly, 'Runaround Kids' who are getting a lot of positive feedback, hit the stage with lead singer George suffering from an “intensely warm fever”; nevertheless the performance was as consistent as when they wooed over Leeds/Reading festival goers early this year. It was lovely and shambolic, grungy and a perfect way to start my day. Next 'Dog is Dead' who seem to have brought another 50 people to the room; they rock out some sweet harmonies, horns and the like. A really enjoyable listen. Next are 'Superhumanoids' which was literally like walking into a party at it's peak. I really like this band, they are electronic, fuzzy, harmonic and give you the chance to close your eyes and imagine you're somewhere else. Next on the list is lager, cigarette, quick toilet break, and the inevitable question, what shall I have to eat at lunch time, “ohh look its buy one get one free on fish and chips” done.

Next band, 'Sky Larkin' who have been busy busy busy this year bringing out their new album 'Kaleide'. They have just finished their UK tour and have announced a North American tour with 'Blood Red Shoes' and not to mention before the end of this year they will be releasing a new E.P and touring with 'Les Savy Fav' and 'Frightenned Rabbit'. This is the point of the festival where you realise the bigger bands are coming. Now I'm always one for small bands, I thrive off searching for the new 'thing' but you honestly can't beat a bigger band at a small festival especially as captivating as Sky Larkin. 'Local Natives' burst out onto the stage, I'd previously listened to them and was very excited to see them live. They didn't disappoint. Thudding drums, harmonies, poppy, folky and brilliant. At this point of the night, everyone is racking their brains thinking “what on earth, shall I see to cap off my day”. I opted for the nostalgic 'Los Campesinos' who reminded me that my musical taste has overlooked them and outgrown my younger self. They were good, don't get me wrong but they are becoming so pretentious it's cringe worthy. They have a longer set which dreads me to think it has cut short Broken.

I think this calls for a new paragraph, I run for a cigarette, I enter and receive lots of free beer as a band didn't drink their rider, I'm on a balcony for heavens sake and about to watch my favourite band 'Broken Social Scene', things couldn't get any better. I'm like that school kid that everybody hated, that one who brought mini jaffa cakes and jam sandwiches and monster munch for his lunch, with a capri sun and some cola. Some kids have it lucky and this was my 'being a twat but loving it' moment. I think when they hit the stage it was like a blur. Their new album 'Forgiveness Rock Record' has been stuck in my mind for a good while. Their previous albums have shaped their sound and structure of song writing. You will never see something more enjoyable live. Fact. They are tight, memorising, enticing, wonderfully brilliant, not to mention a guest performance from Jonny Marr which leaves everyone thinking “what the fuck just happened”. They top off my month let alone my day. It's winding down and now all that there is left to do is find your chosen drinking spot and talk about the days events. All in all a very enjoyable festival. I’m off next year.

Jack Falcon

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