Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Glass Caves "S/T" - Record Review

The Glass Caves
Self Released

This four-track release throws up some interesting questions. On the basis of the second ditty, err “Ditty Do”; The Glass Caves clearly have it in them to pen a catchy tune. It very much reminds me of James and if I’m honest I could easily imagine the Mancunian legends performing it to large crowds where it would go down a storm. Whether its writers have the potential to reach out to such an audience is debatable and to play Devil’s advocate for one moment I wonder if a young band would rather a more established act become better known for performing their songs?

“Rose With A Fever” follows, flirting with some Latino sounds, and there’s a powerful surge towards the end of the song when they pull out the big guns (Well a huge synth!) which makes for an impressive hook. Elsewhere though the blend of synths and guitars is less successful, opening track “Red Lies” throws several shapes, but is ultimately just a little too awkward for its own good. Thankfully the final track “Crystal Black” holds up its end of the bargain, with a strong, simple chorus and a slight air of a Mancunian influenced swagger.

So one crowd pleaser and two other decent cuts, if “Ditty Do” were the lead track I think this would make an excellent three track single. But as it stands it is certainly a promising effort.

Andrew Whittaker

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