Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Rhubarb Bomb Christmas EP


December arrives tomorrow and with it the countdown to yet another xmas. Under my stewardship of Rhubarb Bomb i have carefully avoided any mention of the C-word these past few years because my feelings towards it are somewhat tainted. I recall an RB issue before my time had a message on the cover that ran 'It's Cliched to be Cynical at Christmas' which i liked, because it's probably true. But Christmas doesnt mean much to me because im always working. I dont mind; someone has to. But i dont get that excited about time off, drinking with friends and kicking back because that just doesn't happen for me.

HOWEVER! Just because my Christmas may suck (which it wont, it will simply be on Boxing Day instead) it doesn't mean that Rhubarb Bomb doesn't wish you a very Happy Christmas. So, as an early Christmas present to get you in the mood, we have re-released our very VERY limited edition EP as a free download through Bandcamp.

The 'Winter EP' was originally hidden away inside copies of Issue 5, released in Dec 2007. It featured some of Wakefield's most highly regarded bands of that time, namely The Research, Mi Mye, Napoleon IIIrd and The Old House. Unsurprisingly, given that lineup, the record still sounds great. Far too good to be gathering dust on a few peoples shelves. So with the very kind permission of the bands, we are re-releasing it.

I am not 100% sure, but i dont think these recordings are available anywhere else. And of course The Research and The Old House are no longer with us. Mi Mye and Napoleon IIIrd most certainly are and you will find links to more of their work on the Bandcamp.

The record is Name Your Price. As it was free before, we thought it should be free now. But if you DO decide to pay something, i can tell you it will go directly into maintaining Rhubarb Bomb and thus helping to support Wakefield music as a whole. We hope you enjoy!

Dean Freeman

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