Monday, 9 April 2012

"Life Is Rich And We Are Poor" EP Review

Life Is Rich And We Are Poor
Siobhan Reilly / The Passing Fancy
Geek Pie Records

A split release from The Passing Fancy and Siobhan Reilly, the latter of which hails from Glasgow. Her opener, Council Estate Grey, is simply beautiful. Catchy, bittersweet and instantly familiar, Reilly’s voice dances and twirls across the ever-present indie pop tightrope that so many female singers fail to negotiate (that whole quirky/ fragile/ powerful thing), the lo-fi vibe works wonderfully here and, with the simple layered backing, the production style is a strength. Her second track, Flitting creates a more serious tone; like a glimpse of a figure through fog, fleeting and beguiling, Reilly’s voice hovers above the guitar and holds your attention, as the mist clears and the song hits its stride you soar and fly on a folky magic carpet ride that is over just too soon. Siobhan Reilly is a revelation and she deserves a wide audience. DIY has never sounded so appealing!

Now, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you anything about The Passing Fancy. I’ve seen them, you’ve seen them. You know them: whimsical and fun and their two contributions to this four track are typical of their style, evoking a sort of early Housemartins eye for the everyday with a dusting of just plain silly to create bouncy, feel good fun for everyone. And since when did fun become a dirty word?

Matt Rhodie

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