Monday, 21 May 2012

Guide To Long Division Bands

We've got a hell of a lot of bands coming to Wakefield for Long Division. I keep remembering about another band that had slipped from memory and start getting excited about them all over again.

The thing about Long Division is that we don't have a singular big name. No "The Cure" or "Razorlight". That was our choice. Instead we wanted to give you quality, right across the board. But it does mean there is a chance you might miss something amazing lower down the bill. So, to try and help you (as well as myself), I have put some videos up on our blog, grouped into various vague catagories, to kinda show the breadth of stuff going on. Bare in mind, with all the Fringe Festival goings on included, this is only about half the bands playing over the weekend. Have fun!

Chamber Pop
Hidden Gems
Indie Pop
Less Is More
New To Rhubarb Bomb

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