Thursday, 6 December 2012

Snowglobe EP

Back in 2008, Rhubarb Bomb released a Christmas EP featuring The Research, Mi Mye, Napoleon IIIrd and The Old House which was sneakily hidden inside copies of the zine.

We thought it was time we did another, so here it is, The Snowglobe EP.

The lead track is from Keith Burton and his Beef Curtain and features the rapping skills of three quarters of Retarded Fish and Mr Rob Dee himself, of Philophobia Records. Vocals recorded at the tailend of an Inns Of Court drinking session, Christmas At Rhubarb Bomb is a daft, mad celebration of Christmas time in Wakefield.

Mi Mye is the sole survivor from the 2008 EP and his track The Last Christmas was proudly recorded at Jamie’s own Greenmount Studios with Lee Smith in approximately 80 minutes. Mi Mye’s album The Time & The Lonelyness was shortlisted as one of our best of 2012.

Fur Blend provide a short, sharp burst of punked up rock and roll. Singer / Bassist Laura Thompson helped create the artwork for the EP and her article Give Me A Beat To Dance To was nominated as one of our best of the year, whilst Fur Blend’s split EP with The Do’s and Clandestines was also shortlisted for our EP of the year.

Spareroom is a collaboration project of Dan Hayes (jamiesaysmile) and his childhood friend Andy Watford. Dan has contributed to Rhubarb Bomb as a writer, his jamiesaysmile EP was shortlisted for best of 2012.

St Gregory Orange have been shortlisted for Rhubarb Bomb’s album of the year for Midnight At The Sycamore Lounge and round off our Christmas EP.

The download also contains an MP3 of an unreleased podcast from April 2012. It was intended to be released during our birthday celebrations and contains tracks from our The City Consumes Us compilation and extracts from interviews for the book, including The Cribs and Mark E Smith.

The EP is available as a Name Your Price download. There will also be a limited number of CD version hidden inside issue 3.4, released December 14th.

Thanks to all the bands for their contributions, and a Merry Christmas to you all

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