Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Outrun The Meteor Shower Review

Speed Dinosaurs
Outrun The Meteor Shower
TNS Records

Speed Dinosaurs are a three piece ukulele, double bass and cajon playing band, that frequently play around the Leeds area. This is their debut release and from the cover you can tell this isn’t any normal EP

The five track release starts with a short song called Not That Punk, it sounds like it is being played with lots of energy, finishing under two minutes. It’s repetitive but in a good way, making them an instantly likeable band and setting out for a strong EP. The second song Freemason shows more varied lyrics and musical ability but keeping it fun with the fast ukulele playing. There’s a variety of themes to the songs and this shows they don’t all have to be funny to be great additions to the EP.

The third track shows how different this band are, most of the lyrics are in German and the chorus goes “I got an E in my GCSE German.” However it’s equally catchy as is strange, I cannot get the chorus out of my head!

A Working Hypothesis has some more thoughtful moments and is probably the most serious track, but keeps up the Speed Dinosaurs’ unique sound.

The last song Too Drunk is the standout track with a ska-esqe tempo, backing up the funniest lyrics yet. They finish on a high, while slowing down the tempo and showing off something you wouldn’t expect after the first four tracks, putting their great musical abilities to the forefront.

Being able to have such a range of varied tracks on their first release gives them a great unpredictability. Don’t take it too seriously but that’s clearly not their aim either, they make sure you can laugh at the lyrics while getting them stuck in your head. Basically, there’s not much you could put in the category of ukulele punk, but that’s not a bad thing. Unique. Strange. Fun. What more do you need?

Kieran Lacy

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