Wednesday, 3 April 2013

WF Bands to play Long Division

Throughout March, Long Division held four warm up gigs consisting of bands / performers from the WF postcode. The aim was to find some great, new local bands to play this year’s event.

We were thrilled with the response and all the gigs were huge fun, purely because the stuff we were seeing and hearing was genuinely fantastic, and different too. The diversity on display was a credit to the city.

We said that there would be a minimum of four performers that made it through to the festival. It ended up being five. We’d have liked there to have been more, but the amount of slots is so limited (70 sounds a lot, it’s really not) that this is all we could manage. But Chris at The Hop and myself would be happy to work with them all for other shows and events.

It sounds cheesy, but it genuinely was a tough decision. In the end Chris and I had one personal choice each, then looked at what types of spaces needed filling in our schedule. There were a couple of amazing performances, but they didn’t make it because they didn’t quite fit with Long Division. Maybe we’ll look to change Long Division around a little last year to accommodate them.

Anyway, thanks to all the bands that played, and here are the five bands that will be playing Long Division on June 8th.

Dean’s Choice: Jasmine Kennedy

Chris’ Choice: Boxing Klub

The Others: Crowds, jamiesaysmile, Thomas Wilby Gang.

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