Monday, 13 May 2013

Boxing Klub Review

Boxing Klub
Boxing Klub EP

This week I’ve had a listen to Boxing Klub’s self-titled 3 track EP. The first track, Culture Vulture, pretty much tells you the whole story; it opens with an abrasive, dirty wall of noise and as it settles into its blues tinged riff the track flexes some muscle as it drives through gear after gear. There are obvious directions to point in terms of influences, let’s just say ginger hair, desert, friend of Arctic Monkeys and leave that there, because in its own right this EP is quite stylish and determined.

Time Machine plays with a more ‘British’ sound for the guitars and the vocals explore a slightly different path. These songs are sufficiently hook-laden to snag the cardigan sleeve of your interest as you brush past; not that I’m saying you wear cardigans, but I bet you do!

Right On Trend completes the trio of tracks and lends more weight to the argument that your Long Division 2013 itinerary should include them. Stylish, confident and just gritty enough to grab your attention is my conclusion. Now just pray that the weather arrives in time…

Matt Rhodie

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