Thursday, 18 July 2013

Infantile Solipsism

Rhubarb Bomb started contributing a weekly column to the Wakefield Express in October 2012. We have now collected the first six months into one singular package, which we have called 'Infantile Solipsism', due to that being the most unlikely phrase we managed to slip into a local paper over that time.

The collection is free to look through and download too. Looking back is quite strange as, due to the very regular nature of the column, I soon forget what was annoying me a month or two back. They are about half topical and half ranty. And there's one that got all kinds of people angry, with one man writing a strongly worded letter demanding that I be fired from my job. Only thing is, he sent it to someone whom I didn't work for. Still, the intent was there I guess.

So, feel free to browse through, here is the link:

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