Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Stuff Of The Year 2013

2013 is drawing to a close. And all the good stuff has been released, all the good gigs have happened. Except the Christmas themed stuff, and who cares about that, right?

Well, some less grumpy people do, but this here blog entry is about our ‘Stuff Of The Year’ which we did for the first time in 2012. Each category has a number of things shortlisted by us, but ultimately it is a public vote that decides.

There aren’t any prizes or anything. It’s something money can’t buy – huge wads of respect and kudos. This IS Rhubarb Bomb, afterall (i.e. we’re cheap). Though I guess we'd be daft not to put the winners on at Long Division next year. Because there are no sure things in 2014, I can tell you that now. 

For the albums and singles, the rule was that it had to be something we reviewed and to be honest we’ve not been as hot this year as before. So there are loads of great things that didn’t make the cut because of that. But still, pretty tough choices me thinks!

Here are the categories. Vote HERE. It only takes two seconds and it’ll mean a lot to the people involved.


Creature Feature – Piskie Sits (review)
Cyclone – The Michael Ainsley Band (review)

Winner in 2012: Midnight At The Sycamore Lounge by St Gregory Orange

Singles / EPs

19 – Narcs (review)
My Cat / Fruit – Allusondrugs (review)
Two Hearts – Tiny Planets (review)
Vicugna Pacos – Fur Blend (review)

Winner in 2012: Spectemur Agendo by Various Artists (Clandestines, The Do’s, Fur Blend)  


Art Brut @ The Hop
Jamie Lockhart’s Holiday Fundraiser (inc The Old House)
Mi Mye Album Recording @ Long Division
Philophobia Fifth Birthday All-Dayer
Skaters (+ Blackeye, Forever Cult & Slugs)

Winner in 2012: Retarded Fish @ The Hop

Music Festival

A Carefully Planned Festival
Crooked Ways
Live At Leeds
Y01 Festival

Winner in 2012: Beacons

Making Wakefield Better

A Night Of Enlightenment @ The Orangery
Plays & Pints
Unity Hall on Calendar / building begins
Wakefield Lit Fest
Wood Street Market

Winner in 2012: The Cribs Play Wakefield Theatre

Best Rhubarb Bomb Article

Winner in 2012: Anatomy Of A Gig

Best Long Division Performance

Ed Tudor Pole
Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel
Post War Glamour Girls
The Fall
Too Many T's

And there will also be our annual ‘Tru DIY award’ which is especially chosen by us…


  1. Hi, I'm inquiring about your Issue 3.4 from December 2012. The interview with Simon Armitage, by David Cooper, has a photo of Simon A. in the pulpit of the Unitarian Chapel. Was that photo taken by John Jowett? I saw it in the mag, and recognised a friend of mine in the audience who has sadly since died. I'd really love to get hold of a proper photograph of it, as a reminder of that evening, so I wonder if you could pass my details onto the photographer, or pass his contact details onto me? Thanks very much. Best wishes, and a Happy new Year.

    1. Hi Jan.

      Apologies, I have only just seen this comment. Do you want to drop me an email to and we can get something sorted for you. Thanks, Dean.

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