Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Clive Smith Album Announcement

Today Rhubarb Bomb recieved a press release from Alan Lobley, regarding our former writer Clive Smith, who has not been seen since June 2013. 

"Clive Smith spent so long at the top - of his game, of the business - that many, including me, thought he'd be there forever. Having worked together for nearly three decades the thing I admired about him most was his unquenchable desire for recognition. And his virtuosity as a performer and musician, of course, yet it was his passion that will stay with me; his passion for inventing the new envelope, pushing the blue sky and redefining the role of the entertainer in modern day Wakefield.

It feels not merely odd, but impossible to talk of him in the past tense. Since his disappearance in June 2013, many have made glib remarks about publicity stunts or, most insulting of all, that he simply ran out of steam and ideas. I knew this man. I know him still and this is simply not his style. He was a man of great style.

Clive Smith was a superstar, yet I don't believe he received the recognition he deserved, let alone craved. I still meet people who haven't heard of him, as crazy as that sounds.

So, I collected together a huge archive of notebooks and unfinished recordings and set to work constructing an album I felt represented the great man I knew. Using his notes, I contacted people he admired and respected to help finish these songs. I shall release one a month, along with notes, where possible for the duration of 2014 in order to celebrate one of the greatest visionaries, musicians, philosophers, lyricists, theorists and lovers (so I’m told) of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Please, enjoy.

Alan Lobley

Manager, Tour Manager, Accountant and Chiropractor to Clive Smith"

We believe the first song from the record will be released on Friday. Alan now runs Clive's former Twitter account which can be found here 

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