Thursday, 15 July 2010


On July 28th we are hosting an exciting Music / Arts event at The Art House, Wakefield. For a while i have been trying to think up new venues to host gigs, interesting unique places that would feel more 'special' for the audience, as well as the bands involved. I came upon The Art House and devloped the idea for the evening we are now presenting.

We have teamed up 2 of our favourite 'bands', though in reality they are, in terms of recording at least, one man projects, with two artists. The artists have a space within The Art House studios to do with as they please. The musicians will then perform within the space. It's a pretty simple but effective way to bring together musicians and artists, and im sure will make for a interesting and engaging experiance. There's nothing wrong with gigs in pubs and bars - in some cases you cant beat it - but there is so much scope for different ways of doing these things, and hopefully this will be a positive example of that.

St Gregory Orange and Bruce Rimell will perform a number of sets throughout the evening. St Gregory Orange will take a more improvisational approach whilst Bruce will create and develop the space in reaction to the music, using the walls as a canvas.

Salvage My Dream and Carrie Scott-Huby will perform 10/15 minute sets on the hour, every hour incorporating live loops and instrumentation along with audience activated sensors.

The whole event co-insides with the Wakefield Art Walk which takes place on the last Wednesday of the month, every other month. That means The Art House opens its doors to the public who are free to wander round. The doors will be open from 17:00 til 21:00. No tickets are required, just come on down, follow the sounds and come and see whats happening. The Art House is in the centre of Wakefield, next door to Drury Lane Library.

(further details on times of performance will likely appear on the facebook event - ) - (st greg orange) - (salvage my dream) - Bruce Rimmel - Carrie Scott-Huby

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