Friday, 16 July 2010

Rhubarb Bomb Podcast

Our first ever Podcast is now complete and available to download from iTunes for FREE.

As Rhubarb Bomb is only currently released quarterly, we wanted to fill those gaps with something else. And a Podcast seemed the ideal way to let you know about the exciting records we’d come across and events that were going on in the interim. We intend to continue this process, with the distinct possibility of special ‘one off’ editions too.

Episode One is 60 minutes long and sees myself joined by part time Rhubarb Bomb contributor and ‘renowned’ folk musician ‘The Passing Fancy’, as well as Mr Rob Dee, head of much respected Philophobia Music for a pleasant chat about allsorts. We’ve squeezed in 10 amazing tracks, including exclusive first plays of tracks from Runaround Kids, Buen Chico, Mi Mye and a track from the upcoming Philophobia Compilation, ‘Under the Bus Station Clock’. We’ve got the brand new Pains of Being Pure At Heart single ‘Say No to Love’ (interview with them in the next issue too) and we also announce and play tracks from the bands that will feature on the opening night of the first ever Leeds Fringe Festival, which we are curating, on August 19th.


Say No To Love - The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Cost Of Living - Salvage My Dream
Falling into Better Hands - Runaround Kids
The Rash That Grows - By By
Sense Of The Shaking - Mi Mye
Happiness Is Important - Buen Chico
There's A War - Victoria & Jacob
Two White Ghosts - Zoey Van Goey
Philadelphia - Standard Fare
Its Lethal - This Many Boyfriends

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