Saturday, 4 September 2010

Artsbomb - 28th July

"Artsbomb" was a collaboration between Rhubarb Bomb and The Art House in Wakefield. We teamed up two musicians with two artists and the aim was to create a unique, one-off gig experiance that combined experimental soundscaping with visual arts. And that was pretty much the entire remit for the participants; if you pardon the pun, they effectively had 'blank canvas' to create something engaging and exciting. The event took place as part of the Wakefield Artwalk, more of which can be found here - and was a great success in that it brought people from Wakefields thriving music and art scenes together.

Carrie Scott Huby and Rob Fisher aka Salvage My Dream paired up to create a series of performance pieces, each around 15 minutes long, using a series of loops Rob built up using a plethora of pedals and effects. Here is a video excerpt that was filmed and editted by Dave Hanvey

- apologies, problems with the video, will be up shortly -

Bruce Rimell and Tim Metcalfe / Harry Rhodes aka St Gregory Orange paired up and performed a live art performance during which Bruce created, over the course of 4 half hour sets, a huge design on the wall of the performance space. Tim and Harry were largely improvising and Bruce was using this as inspiration for his work, pictures of which can be seen below. Fingers crossed for some video soon

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