Thursday, 30 September 2010

New Podcast Recorded

Hey there,

We have recorded our new podcast and are currently editting it together. Then it'll just be down to the people of iTunes to give it thumbs up and it will be with you.

Our guest on this edition was our good friend Chris Morse, who is the head man of Louder than Bombs Records, as well as the club night of the same name. He's been putting on gigs in Wakefield for a long time and we spoke to him about why (and how) he does it.

We were also joined, at the eleventh hour by Mr Rob Dee, head of Philophobia Music who updates us on his labels goings on as well as offending everyone from Glasgow. We were all a little hungover and tired and as such the editting process was a testing one (!) but it was great fun and thankfully we got some great tunes in there for you too including tracks from the forthcoming Phantom Band and iLiKETRAiNS albums.

Whilst we will continue with these podcasts we are looking to improve upon them in the new year. We are also going to produce some 'one off specials', the first of which should be with you alongside the new issue in December. I will be joined by Tim from St Gregory Orange and will feature us talking about (and playing) some of our favourite B-Sides.

Dean Freeman

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