Sunday, 24 July 2011

Long Division Retrospective

I can barely believe it is only 6 weeks since Long Division took place in Wakefield. Not because of some seismic shift in the makeup of our fine city, a blossoming culture of artistic ambition and civic pride. Just that it seems like some fevered dream now. Perhaps like all unuexpected success; did it really happen?

We are saying farewell to Long Division 2010 with a night of celebration at The Hop, Wakefield this coming Wednesday (July 27th). Headlining are the wonderful ‘Let’s Wrestle’ who were THIS CLOSE to being on the LD lineup itself. Supporting are Piskie Sits and hotly tipped young band Vinyl Party. Alongside this, the official Long Division photographers will be displaying their best shots for you to peruse. Each print will be a one-off, framed and available to purchase on the night, with all money going to our brilliant and hard working (and generous!) team who worked their socks off all weekend for the love of it.

There was a hope we would have a film to show on the evening also. This may or may not take place. Hopefully we’ll at least have some live footage to show whilst you enjoy a pint. It’ll be your last chance to get your hands on Long Division Merch and we may even have an announcement regarding next year.

And, most importantly, it’s FREE in. LD is nothing if not cheap.

Hope to see you there. We would love to hear your ideas for next year, as well as feedback from this year.

Dean Freeman

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