Saturday, 23 July 2011

Podcast Episode Six Released

The new Rhubarb Bomb Podcast is now available to download for free through iTunes. We’ve changed the format slightly, making them a little shorter but with the intention of releasing one a month.

Episode 6 looks ahead at what is coming up in August, which includes an interview with Runaround Kids bassist Jack Winn ahead of their album launch and a track from that very record. We also look at upcoming festivals, including Indietracks and Beacons and the bands RB is looking forward to most. The podcast includes a range of music, from a band’s first ever demo to tunes from more established artists. The change basically gives us the chance to play the records we are into asap, and for you to check out what’s been impressing RB

The next podcast will come at the end of August. If you have information regarding events you want us to mention please email us at and, as ever, if you want us to review your record, with the possibility of it getting played on the next podcast, head to the website for the address.

Thanks, and spread the word!

Dean Freeman

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