Saturday, 14 January 2012

Boxing Club "Bunch 'O' Fives" Review

Boxing Club
Bunch ‘O’ Fives
12 Rounds Records

The first thing that grabs your attention about this EP from the Wakefield trio, Boxing Club, is how it’s been packaged as an old jukebox record giving it a nice retro look. The retro feel continues with their music as they provide some impressive blues inspired rock. The first two tracks, Bound by Design and Passing Through, are far more in your face with big riffs and some nice harmonies from the start. The final two tracks on the EP, Right on Trend and Scumbag, are more melodic but still carry the same energy as earlier songs on the record. Throughout the record the band have provided some infectious pop with opener Bound by Design standing out the most. With a forthcoming album out soon as well as impressive recordings such as this all the signs seem positive for Boxing Club.

Matt Hill

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