Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Soulmates Never Die "Dance Contest Winner" Review

Soulmates Never Die
Dance Contest Winner
(Cowsnail Records)

Dance Contest Winner is the debut EP from Soulmates Never Die which is the solo project of Leeds based singer songwriter Josh Lewis. The five tracks are rife with a brand of anti-folk which seems to be a response to the recent influx of folk music into the mainstream. As a completely DIY project, Josh records and produces everything himself, bringing folk music to where it came from. All five of the songs are short and sweet, whilst containing both honest and humorous lyrics. Although there is open bitterness towards the change in folk music the songs still speak for themselves and come across really well. It could be interesting if Soulmates Never Die start receiving some attention whether the whole anti-establishment attitude can last, but hopefully he can do it on his own terms as this is a highly enjoyable EP in which the home made feel adds to it rather than taking any quality away.

Matt Hill

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