Thursday, 28 June 2012

South Of The Border - "Spiders"

Barnsley resident Matt Rhodie keeps Rhubarb Bomb up to date with the freshest sounds from that most foreign of lands, South Yorkshire…

Spiders are a three piece band from Sheffield. Their latest release, Subtle Difference, available now through their website and iTunes, sees them follow up on the success of their last release Ambitions of a Huckster’s Daughter which has received 10,000 views since April. They have form in this area though: last year Where Does This Leave Us Now’s live video achieved over 60,000 views, and it’s all DIY, no deal, self-taught, self-recorded.

The lads - two brothers and a bezzie mate - have played together for a while now and seem to be striking a rich vein of form in terms of recorded output and live shows; they are playing classic British indie pop tunes in a stylish, modern fashion while wearing some interesting jumpers!

Their set list has included an excellent cover of Boys Don’t Cry for a while now and, in terms of their sound, that seems as good an indication as any of their influences; frontman Rob Tingle’s distinctive vocals and jangling guitar work on this track create a melodic diversion from the moody, muscular rhythm section powered by brother Adam’s drumming and completed by bassist Nick Monk. Their tunes harness catchy riffs and intelligent vocals and hitch them to a sense of post punk restlessness, they positively ooze potential and it seems that something big could be just around the corner.

There are opportunities to catch them live coming up and I recommend you seek them out at Tramlines, the free Sheffield city centre festival where they are playing at Beg, Borrow, Steal on July 20th and the Leadmill on the 21st. Before that, they visit the big city to play the Dublin Castle in Camden on the 1st July. Where next? Who can say…

Matt Rhodie

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