Friday, 9 November 2012

Slide Review

The Do’s
Philophobia Music

The Do’s are a two piece alt rock band from Wakefield and are signed to Philophobia Music, surely the best Independent label in the city. With Philophobia hosting bands such as Runaround Kids, The Spills and Piskie Sits, The Do’s certainly have a tough set of bands to follow. Their debut EP, Slide is to be released on the 12th November. 

The first track on the EP, Pleased To Meet You, greets you like a slap in the face with a meaty riff, which seems somewhat inspired by The Black Keys. Yet with vocals which resemble Jack White. The lyrics “Pleased to meet you, now your life seems so easy” seem like a personal dig at someone, yet work fantastically as a melody in the chorus with Elliot Oldroyd backed up on vocals by drummer, Matthew O’leary. Considering that the band formed in 2010, they sound much more mature than their time.

Carousels carries a manic riff, with equally exotic drums. Oldroyd’s vocals suddenly remind me of Future Of The Left’s Andrew Falkous. If you’re interested in grunge rock, The Do’s are the band for you. For a local band to be producing hooks that are as catchy as this, it’s not surprising they’ve been added to the Philophobia label. 

Third track in, If That’s All You Know, seems to show a progression in ruthlessness. The track is still as quirky as hell, with well rehearsed breaks and pauses, almost Biffy Clyro-esque. I still get the impression that The Do’s are sending a message out to someone in this EP through their own feelings. Lyrics like ‘If that’s all you know, then why go and take it out on me, because you can’t find the thing that you need’ hit home that they mean what they are doing. This is definitely what I appreciate about The Do’s they are passionately making music and standing out as one of the best bands in Wakefield.

Unfortunately all EPs come to an abrupt end. Yet The Do’s are going out on top. Steven the Wasp, ties everything together and is a perfect set ender. Oldroyd is backed by tight drumming from O’leary, which is a necessity, as there are too many local bands similar to The Do’s who’s sticksmen are trying far too much to be Travis Barker and it doesn’t translate well live.

Overall, considering that this is a debut release from the Wakefield based band, they’ve produced something fantastic. If you like what you hear, check them out at The Hop on the 9th November (Tonight). Most importantly go and BUY the EP. It’s going to be released digitally or if you still indulge in CD’s it will be available online or at their shows.

Aaron Snowdon

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