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Best Of 2012 Winners

Thank you to all who took the time to vote in our Best of 2012 Poll. As I previously said, all the nominees released records, played gigs or wrote articles we would have been proud to have proclaimed as Rhubarb Bomb's best of 2012. But you, the vast public consciousness well known for your great taste, have made the final decision. Here are the winners

Album Of The Year
Midnight At The Sycamore Lounge
St Gregory Orange

A record that was the end result of numerous years of hard work, Midnight... is an outstandingly grand piece of work; ambitous, slow burning, affecting and hypnotic. It's not an easy record by any means; it requires time and patience. In that sense, it is an album created by music lovers for music lovers. There are no concessions, no playing to the audience, no easy decisions. That is why it is so unique and very deserving of the acolade of best album of 2012.

Runners up

This Many Boyfriends (This Many Boyfriends)
The Time And The Lonelyness (Mi Mye)
Kebanakese (Wot Gorilla?)
Thirteen Lost & Found (RM Hubbert)

EP Of The Year
Spectemur Agendo
Various Artists

This three band compilation is a fantastic little EP from Philophobia Music that reminds us all of the labels ultra DIY origins and it's commitment to new bands; two things it is all too easy to forget given the quality of it's releases these days, in regards to the popularity of it's bigger bands and the professional packaging. Instead, this EP featured two tracks each from Clandestines (from Malta), The Do's and Fur Blend. Each band's tracks came on a individual 3" Cd and the whole thing was packaged in a homemade, fold out sleeve; a reminder of the days when physical products were treasures / treasured.

Runners up

Runaround Kids vs We Are Losers (Runaround Kids / We Are Losers)
Honeymoon On Ice (Soulmates Never Die)
Day Three (jamiesaysmile)
Selfless (Himself)

Best Gig
Retarded Fish @ The Hop

The reappearance of Retarded Fish was, I am sure, of no greater surprise to anyone than it was to the band themselves. I was able to cast an eye back on Wakefield music in the '90s as part of The City Consumes Us project, but to actually see it brought to life before my eyes was something else. This was their farewell gig just months after their return, to support The Cribs in Wakefield. Also notable as the last live performance by Protectors, the show was a riot; just thirty minutes on stage. It was important because it connected the previous generation to the current and helped secure stronger ties in the local community. It also rocked and was a great reminder of how fun punk music can be. That members of Retarded Fish are now playing in current local bands shows it wasn't a goodbye, but a beginning.

Runners Up

Long Division Super Gig
The Do's EP Launch
Milloy's Last Gig

Making Wakefield Better
The Cribs Play Wakefield Theatre

From the list of nominees, this was probably the event that has the least effect on Wakefield in the long term, yet in terms of making Wakefield better, it was a huge morale boost. The Cribs have always drawn a spotlight to the city, but usually from afar. To have them back in Wakefield after a five years which felt like a lifetime (and was, for Rhubarb Bomb) was a very special moment and felt like the pinacle of all that was being achieved elsewhere in the city. The gig itself was spectacular, any fears that The Cribs in a fully seated theatre wouldn't work washed away within about six seconds. A career spanning and possibly career defiing set.

Runners Up

Unity Hall Begins
Jarvis Cocker Opens Wakefield Library
Wakefield Literature Festival
The Hepworth Zombie Walks

Best Festival

2012 saw Beacons return from the brink, the phoenix from the flames risen from the disasterous floods that wiped the festival off the map in 2011. It was worth every ounce of effort, and the faith that punters put in the organisers. The lineup was varied and felt full of personal touches. Genuine thought was put into the experience of the attendees, by which i mean plenty of room to swing a cat, plenty of good drink, a beautiful setting and some great stages. If we overlook a rather terrible toilet to people ratio, and the resulting carnage, it wasn't far off perfect.

Runners Up

Live @ Leeds
Leeds Festival

Best Article
Anatomy Of A Gig

Gosh, how embarassing. I best hand the trophy for best article to myself then. Did i mention this was the only catagory with a prize? The five nominees were essentially the articles that recieved the most feedback when they were published. This article, which is based around Rhubarb Bomb promoting a gig for Zoey Van Goey in November 2011 certainly struck a chord when it was first published on the blog, so much so that it was subsequently stuck in an actual issue too. Needless to say, little has changed, including the wider ignorance it exposes to the cost of live music for all involved.

Runners Up

Give Me A Beat To Dance To (Laura Thompson)
You Feet Have Got It Covered (Helen Rhodes)
Response To Guardian Article (Dean Freeman)
Ghost Of Wakefield Past (Stephen Vigors)

Best Thing Rhubarb Bomb Did
Long Division

It's not surprise that the biggest thing we did, in terms of preperation, time and money spent and people attending won out. Long Division 2012 was a proud moment for us. If LD2011 was a shot in the dark, 2012 was very important in proving it wasn't a fluke. Programming 75 bands across 9 venues was a huge challenge, yet it worked and proved people will come to Wakefield and enjoy live music, and that we have a lot to offer. The only thing is, we now need to top it in 2013...

The City Consumes Us Album & Book
Fifth Birthday Gig
The Blog
The Issues

Tru DIY Special Award
Runaround Kids for their 2012 Singles Bundle

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