Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Wakefield Bands For Long Division 2013

Long Division 2013 will take place on June 7th, 8th and 9th, in Wakefield City Centre. The all day music event will once again take place on the Saturday, with bands performing from midday to midnight across a wide range of venues, wristbands allowing the audience to wander between venues at their leisure.

It is really important to us that we show off what Wakefield has to offer, no more so than by showcasing the artists that live here. In 2013 we are very keen to discover new (to us) performers in the city, people who have never played the festival before. There must be so many bands out there we know nothing about... so if you think that might be you, here is your chance to play at Long Division this year.


There are just three key things we are looking for.

- At least 50% of band members must live in a WF postcode
- All material must be original
- The band must not have played the main day (Saturday) of Long Division before.

And that is all. Any musical genre is happily considered. Any age bracket. Just send us an email to titled "WF Bands" with a short biography, photo if available, a list of all band members and their addresses (evidence of this will be required at a later date) and a link to your music. Please don't attach MP3s. Consider carefully the link you send us. A whole album may not be listened to. Does it start with your strongest track? What best represents what you are about?

Warm Up Gigs

We will collect together the applications and select a group of 16 bands that we want to see more of. There will then be a series of gigs in March at Wakefield venues to which we will invite you to perform, in order for us to experience your live show. There will be no audience voting slips or points given for 'crowd reaction' or any such nonsense. As the festival is programmed by a fanzine and a local promoter we want to find new Wakefield bands that haven't hit out radar before and we think this is a good way to do it.

We will give the bands the choice of making the gigs free entry, or a four pound door charge for four bands, with 100% of the money taken being shared by the bands. Whether the bands would like the chance to take some door money, or would prefer a gig open to all is their choice. The warm up gigs are not a money making exercise for the festival.

At least four bands will be selected to perform at the festival. There will not be a 'winner' from each gig. Theoretically all four bands from one gig could be selected, it just depends on what impresses us and what we feel would fit into the Long Division bill.

Under 18s

As has been the case in previous years, the main day of Long Division will be an 18+ event. Despite our efforts to make it accessible to a younger audience, this is simply not possible due to the requests of the West Yorkshire Police and the connected difficulties in policing a multi venue event such as ours. We accept their concerns are completely valid and sadly cannot make the Saturday open to U18's, whether audience or performer.

However, in 2013 we will be organising a special all ages show on June 9th as part of our vastly extended Sunday programme. As such, we invite bands that meet the above criteria, with members under the age of 18, to apply in the same manner with an email entitled "WF Bands U18". There will be no warm up events; we will contact everyone after the closing date.

Closing Date

Application closes on midnight on January 31st. Announcements will be made the following week. The warm up gigs will take place in March with confirmation of the artists playing at the festival made in April.

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