Monday, 4 March 2013

Long Division Warm Up Gigs

As you are surely aware, Long Division was built on the back of Rhubarb Bomb’s long term support of Wakefield bands and a desire to get them heard by more people.

Some raised eyebrows were directed towards our seeming preferential treatment of a particular Wakefield based record label. Whilst I have no problem with declaring that, yes, we have put on a shedload of absolutely awesome Philophobia bands, it did feel like it was the time to spread the net a little wider. Different styles, different sounds, different faces.

So we asked bands based in the WF postcode who hadn’t played our main day before to send us some links and words and picked a selection of them for our warm up gigs, which will take place in March.

The bands were offered the chance for us to charge an entry fee, which would have gone 100% to the artists, but they preferred to make the gigs free. I’m sure there is an article in that decision somewhere, but I’ll come back to it later.

So, instead we have four gigs of four bands over four weeks. And here they are, with at least four of the bands ending up playing the Saturday of Long Division on June 8th. I’m properly looking forward to seeing and hearing some new stuff, I hope you can make it down too.

The Hop, March 8th

 Velvet, March 14th

The Hop, March 21st

Velvet, March 28th

 *Note that the last gig's headliners are actually from Leeds. We are really pleased to have teamed up with Jonny The Firth and Wolfyboy Records for Long Division 2013. They will be curating the stage at Velvet and Witch Hunt are a taste of what they have lined up for June 8th.

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