Wednesday, 6 March 2013

No Strangers Review

No Strangers
Self Released

No Strangers only formed last year and while I found their self-titled EP consisting of People and End of an Era a little bit ‘easy’ at first in terms of familiar reference points and the influences showing through in their style, I can’t criticise that too much because this is a release that suggests some real potential.

At times the ‘krautrock’ is turned up a little too much, making both tracks quite similar, although at least they appear to have decided what their style is, what their ‘thing’ is. It is not just lazy writing to say that I hope they continue to experiment with this. It is friendly enough on the ears to be an interesting proposition in the future, when they have more material to explore and maybe begin to challenge their limits and their audience a little more. 

Matt Rhodie

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