Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Old Issue Of Rhubarb Bomb Found

A previously unknown issue of Rhubarb Bomb has been discovered.

We say previously unknown. Obviously the people who made it knew about it, though not well enough to bring it up when the current editor (me) was compiling the book that brought together the first five years of the zine.

So it seems it was forgotten. Here is what this lost gem looks like: 

In their editorials, Benno and Rob Dee explain they felt RB had become too average and this was the first of a new run of better issues, more reflecting their own passions, so might be the first issue that moved away from the standardised front covers.

There is no date, but judging by the advertising and live reviews, it seems to be from around June 2008. Which is confusing because it was found amongst a pile of memorabilia from a road trip I took to Munich in October 2007, but that must be incorrect.

Inside, there is a short piece about a band from London called The Woodsmen, followed by a lengthy (by 2008 standards) interview with The Spills in which:

-          They state they have two new songs. One is poppy, one is darker.
-          Chad has to go stand in a hedge at one point because he gets too hot.

We’ve also got something on UltCult, the mourning of Breton Hall not being around, a hopeful nod towards Midgefest and the Louder Than Bomb’s weekenders paving the way towards a more substantial festival, a weird short story and some reviews, including Frightened Rabbit at Escobar, Three Sheets T’wind in Castleford, an early  Bambinos demo and an On The Bone compilation (remember that?) with Pulled Apart By Horses, The Twilight Sad and Dinosaur Pileup on it.

We’ll scan it at some point and pop it up on ISSUU.

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