Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Bomb EP by Robert Vincent

Robert Vincent
The Bomb EP

The Bomb EP offers a tantalising glimpse of Robert Vincent’s potential; he offers a poignant, frank view of the world through his fairly traditional, country-tinged song writing.

He creates some pretty bleak images in The Bomb and November, yet his writing also retains both a sense of humour and perspective; it’s all about the song and while he doesn’t waste time with extraneous over-production. There are some lovely touches in the mix- rich guitars and a ticking clock merge to reinforce The Bomb’s message, and the well deployed harmonica and sad, almost locomotive drumming on November evoke the wide plains and broken dreams of America’s depression era, like the soundtrack to a hobo love story!

Vincent says he knew he wanted to be a rock star at five years old and, living the life of a working band member since leaving school, he has endured personal and professional setbacks. Now he has finally arrived at the brink of achieving his aim through simply writing and performing the songs he wants to; I hope his self-belief and faith in the power of dreams pays off, because it means there’s hope for all of us!

22Nd July sees the release of his next single, My Pill, a version of which is the closing track of this EP. Both are available from his website, why not have a look?

Matt Rhodie

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