Thursday, 9 August 2012

First Takes... by Mark Wynn

First Takes, Mistakes and a Selection of Exercises in Being A Bit Shit

What can you do with a fiver? A pint and some chips, a few newspapers, umpteen Mars bars…
Mark Wynn appeared at Henry Boon’s during Long Division 2012 and this CD and homemade book of poems is what I spent that fiver on. Money well spent? Yes.

What Wynn does brilliantly is play with words as easily as he does your expectations, his song craft is a delight and his delivery transforms the details of every day drudgery and disappointment into joyous, cathartic moments of shared crappiness that we can all associate with.

One voice, one guitar and one mood mainly, but all delivered with a wicked sense of timing, some lovely self-deprecating ad libs and a big dollop of skill. I love the outsider feel to both the music and his poems, Wynn doesn’t shy away from the difficult topics in life- such as failure, buses and why Morrissey should shut up and let other people have a say about the weather!

Matt Rhodie

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