Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Lines by Audit Control

Audit Control

When this dropped through my letter box I was a bit confused; the opening track comes in like a potentially enormous stadium anthem, a bit U2 but not in a bad way. As this debut progresses, what becomes clear is that across the ten tracks on offer, there is a determined effort to forge a sound of their own; Scott Caudwell’s vocals are central to this, he echoes and booms across the album. That said, I want to draw a parallel and say like a Huddersfield Ian Curtis, but that could be over doing it, although on When We Run and People Like You, People Like Me and Sense he really does lift the songs with his bold, strong voice.
There must be a label for this, I’m not too bothered what it is, so I’m going with ‘polished indie pop’; there is a definite early 80’s echo of grey skies and coldness in the mix which make it an appealing prospect.

All in all this is a somewhat confusing record to write about, I must say I have enjoyed other things more this year, but you can’t deny that there is an ambitious statement of intent here and I found myself snared on some of their catchier tracks. Well worth a listen. 

Matt Rhodie

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