Thursday, 9 August 2012

Issue 3.2 details

Our second issue of the year has arrived and we will be slowly distributing it in the usual places (keep an eye on our Facebook to find out where). So what have we got?

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Laura Slater – The first of what will hopefully be a string of features on Artists who are managing to make a living from what they do. First up; Laura Slater, Wakefield based designer of bespoke textiles. Runaround Kids – Bassist Jack Winn shares his tour diaries from the band’s recent jaunt around Ireland. Olympics – Dave gives an alternate tracklisting to this summer events. It seems Danny Boyle was paying attention when we sent him an advanced copy… Retarded Fish – Dan Stringer tells the story of how his band Retarded Fish came to support The Cribs on their homecoming gig back in May. See part one HERE. The Buffalo Skinners – We speak to the cross-Atlantic buskers about their inspiring approach to being a band. Life Is A Motorway – Clive Smith shares his philosophies on life and music. Louise Distras – An interview with Louise, who is has been touring round Europe and getting some amazing press of late. Escape From Stand 14 – A short story by Stephen Vigors. FixingA Hole Records – An interview with Kei Dohdoh who runs a record label in Japan and is currently taking Wakefield band Protectors around the country on tour. Give Me A Beat To Dance To – A personal take on the importance of music in our mental wellbeing. Follow The Drum – Roland X asks if you have what it takes to become a star. Endtroducing – This issue we meet the amazing H.Hawkline and find out what his favourite David Bowie album is.

Written by…

David Cooper – Plays and sings with Balloons and enjoys tending to his allotment. DeanFreeman – Currently reading The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. Matt Rhodie South Yorkshire correspondent, blog contributor. Matt Sidebottom – Graphic Designer by trade, total dude in his spare time. CliveSmith – Currently compiling his greatest hits collection, entitled The Colossal. Dan Stringer – A very nice man who plays drums in Retarded Fish! Laura Thompson – Plays and sings with Fur Blend and writes a blog. Stephen Vigors – Freelance writer, has a short story blog. Andrew Whitaker – Sings in Red RidingQuartet, likes a good pint. JackWinn – Plays and sings with Runaround Kids. Roland X – Angry at this sick and disturbed world.

And designed by… Matt Sidebottom.

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Dean Freeman

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