Thursday, 2 August 2012

Post War Glamour Girls Interview

This year, the annual Futuresound competition was won outright by Leeds band Post War Glamour Girls, meaning they will have the opportunity to play on the NME / Radio 1 stage at Leeds & Reading Festivals. We had a quick chat with them about this awesome achievement.

With the maximum amount of respect, your sound doesn't strike me as one that would typically win a competition like Futuresound - it's something more complex and slow burning - which for me makes it seem all the more sweeter. What were your hopes when you first entered the competition?

I think it's fair to say we hoped for it, but didn't pin any hopes ON it, if that makes sense? It was just another gig which, if it happened, would be a pretty bloody good opportunity. The concept of music as a competition is something I whole heartedly disagree with and we never saw it as 'us vs them' with any of the other bands, not least because a lot of them are our friends. Like I say, most 'battle of the bands' type events are poor, they aren't cool and they rarely promote artistic integrity beyond their own financial gain. However, we did it (just like Pulled Apart By Horses and The Cribs) and it paid off. Personally, I think Futuresound is different because the gigs are run properly, in a decent venue with good sound and I believe the prize is actually worthwhile; that 'prize' is my teenage dream. Regardless of whether we had to enter a competition to get there, even a band with the most humble musical ambitions wouldn't turn down the chance to play that stage. I just hope people see us as more than competition winners, it sounds like we won a raffle…

There has been a huge momentumn behind you over the last 12 months. Did the Futuresound gig feel like culmination of a particularily fruitful period?

I think so, yes. You take the opportunities as and when they come, and we try not to think about what we may or may not get, only what we've got. We've worked incredibly hard over the last year developing our sound, gigging, recording, releasing, promoting and we've always been extremely grateful for everything we've received. I kind of wonder if we're cheating to be playing that stage after only a year and a half as a band. But then again, and I say this with genuine sincerity, we have worked hard for it. A lot of bands don't like to admit to that, which I think is a shame. We truly believe in the music we make, it's hard not to sound pretentious when you say that…

What has changed in the immediate aftermath of the win?

The band have received a bit more attention which is great, but we're still just carrying on as we always have. It's all about writing songs and moving forward musically as opposed to second guessing what people want from us and losing track of what we want to get from being a band. Despite the fact we would love for this to be a job, I wouldn't like to get bogged down in anything that detracts from our creativity for the sake of financial gain or a rise in popularity, though I am in now way opposed to any of that if it's on our own terms. I used to bemoan all my career driven friends for their materialistic ways, but since I watched The Sopranos, I kind of just want a huge fucking house and lobster for tea every night, so who knows if we will sell out should the opportunity arise...

I might get to meet Dave Grohl
I'm still on the dole… 
I might get to meet Robert Smith
The Rock n Roll life style's still a myth… 
I might get to meet Tom Meighan
I don't want to…

Who were your own highlights of the Futuresound shows?

The Wind Up Birds, Two Trick Horse, Super Luxury.

How are you going to prepare for the Leeds and Reading appearances?

I keep having a recurring nightmare where I get locked in the van… I can see the stage from the back of the van, but the band can't hear me and don't know I'm trapped in the van… they're all on stage and James Thorpe-Jones (guitar) is just playing the opening riff over and over and over again. I'll probably try to avoid getting locked in the van.

Where's best for people to go to listen to your music if they've not heard it yet?

You can buy our new e.p here on vinyl, cd and digital download. That or come see us live.

Dean Freeman

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