Monday, 5 August 2013

19 by NARCS review

Clue Records

NARCS (previously British Racing Green) are an alternative rock band from Leeds and “19” is their debut single.  

Recorded by Simon Humphrey some 36 years after his engineering credit on the Clash’s debut album, "19" is the the first offering from their own album due for release on 2nd September on Clue Records. 

The single is tight, melodic, insistent, well produced and at 2 minutes 22 seconds harnesses as much muscle as you can pack into a song. It has energy, verve and drive in equal measure and doesn’t contain a single ounce of fat. 

Comparisons with the Arctic Monkeys don’t flatter them a jot, but are not necessarily helpful in terms of describing their sound. Granted, they sing in their regional accent and give every impression that they are going somewhere but NARCS already know who they are. 

Although the sound is raw it has a level of musical sophistication uncommon in many of the local bands doing the rounds at the moment.

At the risk of going overboard I have to say this is, in my opinion, the best single of the year so far. Really!

Karl Shore 

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