Friday, 16 August 2013

PH by Niagara Review

Niagara’s second E.P ‘PH’ is wizardry in its purest form. There is a sense of genius and technical accomplishment in both lyric and music for such a young band. Like a person having colour coded labels in a sock drawer, every element in each song seems crafted and slotted into its correct place.
The E.P is four tracks, opening with ‘Death By Imagination’ which paints the scene and lets you float inside, literally pushing you into a dream world. The amalgamation of bohemia, dream pop and experimental lays resonant for every song, which takes you by surprise and warms the brain. Second song is ‘Epiphany Kidd’ which slowly chimes you into another colourful bouquet of wonder, the guitar line could be eaten with every meal; it is an essential condiment. I love the use of female and male vocals bouncing off each other. At this point I’m hooked.
Third song is ‘False Crimes’, my eyes are closed, my shoulders can’t support my head. The subtleties of drums and drawn out vocals with yet another mourish guitar line is simply breathtaking. The E.P ends on ‘Paradise Regained’ which is my personal favourite, it’s slightly more anthemic and dramatic, ending so suddenly it feels like you’ve fallen off a cliff, you feel cheated as you want more. I’m looking forward to future releases, I hope you are too.

Jack Falcon

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