Monday, 5 August 2013

Neon City EP Review

Neon City EP

Interesting one this because the opening bars of You Gotta Help Me Out scream Nu-Rave and that’s never a good thing to scream at me, however, the hook is already working because once the first verse is over they’ve got you. Think jumping about in a tent on a warm summer evening somewhere with your mates and maybe too much cider in you and you’ve got it!

A quick glimpse at their biog suggests it hasn’t been an easy birth for this collection of songs, but the south coast outfit have overcome several obstacles- not least early adoration- to deliver the goods, which has to earn them respect.

Title track, Neon City, builds to a Primal Scream-esque chorus and now we hit the downside because the remaining tracks are pretty formulaic. Now I feel a bit bad about using the ‘f’ word there, because I think what they’ve done is they’ve chosen their style and really gone for it; it’s well shaped, well delivered and well worth a listen, it’s just not really anything new, and that’s what we really want in our summer listening isn’t it, novelty…

Matt Rhodie

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