Monday, 26 March 2012

Alex Young: My Reeling Dreams EP Launch

My Reeling Dreams EP Launch
Café Viva, Barnsley
Friday 24th Feb 2012

In an intimate, invitation-only setting, Barnsley’s Alex Young launched his EP to an appreciative audience. Having seen him play these songs live last summer, it is clear that Alex has polished and finessed them to capture a compelling glimpse of what he is capable of achieving.

In these times of cultural idiocy, where X Factor winners garner Brit awards alongside mainstream Indie ‘Gods’, if there can be such a thing Damon, what we have here is a truly independent act in both outlook and methods. Alex is giving 2012 his big shot at making music a job; self-financed and ambitious for opportunities, he has crafted and recorded a showcase of five of the best to support his campaign.

The title track, My Reeling Dreams, is a catchy, understated statement of intent. Throughout there are moments where guitar and vocals combine to soar away from the gloom of a February evening to an altogether sunnier setting; fourth track, Sevillian Heat, pulls off the same trick with more accomplishment. The backing vocals and percussion help to move the song towards the territory of a gentler New Model Army’s Green and Grey with its talk of Yorkshire’s green hills.

Closing track Walking Glass describes a walk beside a wintery Ouse, exploring a father/son relationship in intimate detail, while Young’s voice strains to fully explain his feelings, the imagery in his lyrics carries the weight. This is a collection of well crafted, earnestly delivered songs which deserve your attention.

Available for download through iTunes or CD Baby, more info at

Matthew Rhodie

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