Friday, 23 March 2012

"Positively Miserable" by Razorblade Picnic Review

Razorblade Picnic claim to be Positively Miserable and I quite like them that way. Neuroleprosy kicks off the choppy punk rock buzzsaw guitars in fine form, with an insistent message about exactly just how annoyed they are. What you get here is a collection of tracks that show some range in terms of moods, ranging from angry to really annoyed. There are slowly powerful verses which build into monumental walls of chorus and even some subtle guitar work to lighten up the punishing work of the rhythm section.

I’m not saying it’s exactly new or innovative, but it’s good stuff, well produced with a clear feeling that these guys know what they like; they scratch a certain itch and sometimes we all need to have a singalong love song for a departed tabloid queen in our lives. Is it too soon to honour Jade Goody in this way? Hell no!

Matthew Rhodie

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