Monday, 12 March 2012

The City Consumes Us Tracklisting

The tracklisting for our 5th birthday compilation is now complete. It is:

1. Say Al (Acoustic) - Pylon
2. Things Aren't Gonna Change (Demo) - The Cribs
3. Loud Noises - The Old House
4. Make No Plans For Me - The Research
5. Waiting For The Dance Of Death - Piskie Sits
6. Cylinder Windows - The Spills
7. Incredible - Tiny Planets
8. How I Killed The Magnethead (Demo) - Lapels
9. This Town - The Whippets
10. Escobarred - The Passing Fancy
11. Lucifer's Cardigan (Demo) - Skint & Demoralised
12. Cauliflower - Protectors
13. Hate Yourself - Middleman
14. Undress - Runaround Kids
15. Nights In The Drunk Tank - St Gregory Orange
16. Nova Scotia - One Day, After School...
17. At 21 - Little Japanese Toy
18. Jamie Says He Wishes You Well - IMP & Mi Mye

All the tracks are exclusive to this album for which we heartily thank the bands involved. It's a lovely mix of lost tracks by bands no longer around, re-recorded / re-imagined versions of old songs and some absolutely up to date brand new gems.

The record is available through our Pledge campaign. The benefits of buying it through Pledge are that you will recieve a bonus record with all kinds of oddities and extras, an electronic additional chapter to The City Consumes Us book containing lost articles that didn't make the book and you will also recieve the record before anyone else. It costs £8. For an additional £2 you can get the highly limited edition version of the book which is 200 pages of top quality journalism and also contains a CD version of the album as well as ALL of the above. Wow!

Go look HERE for more information

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