Wednesday, 7 March 2012

'Escape Velocity' by O'Messy Life Review

Escape Velocity
O'Messy Life

From the twanging opening chords of Escape Velocity I was expecting something very different to what they delivered. Thankfully avoiding the country hints of the opening bars, they cheerfully ‘ooh-ooh’ their way through a story about being misunderstood outsiders, this is a summer singalong just waiting for the weather! There is a hint of The Thermals in the guitar tones and the vocals and the way that the song hangs from the riff.

The three songs on offer here feel fresh and confident and they showcase the bands range well; Saturday Morning Cemetery moves into a more blues-tinged style and the third track, Abraham De Moivre’s Blues harnesses the quiet/loud, shout/sing US college rock dynamic to great effect. The Newcastle based band released this single in October through Tiny Light recordings, but it is still available at: along with some older material.

Matt Rhodie

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