Monday, 5 March 2012

'Spectemur Agendo' Review - Philophobia Music Compilation

Spectemur Agendo
Various Artists

Philophobia's latest E.P collaboration which features The Do's, Fur Blend and Clandestines is fucking awesome, pure and simple. I don't know the policy on swearing, sorry kids if you're reading, sorry if you're offended, sorry random-er who thought this might be pleasant, but bloody frigging hellers I have'nt stopped bashing my head around for a second.

The Do's open this E.P with“Without a Reason” and “Clickey Bits” amongst their artillery. How the hell do they make so much mouth watering noise between two of them? Imagine someone on a stage throwing hunks of steak at a crowd full of obese people. The Do's deliver in both richness of sound and texture, you can almost see the sweat and effort put into each serving. It's thrashy, gritty and a great start.

Fur Blend which I must admit are a new edition to my ear memoirs, really surprised me. It usually takes me at least a few listens to get into many new bands. They present us with “Deer Stalker” which is fresh in melody and a really accomplished song, a happy pop song and a great one at that.“Bones”, their second song is slower in pace and I genuinely think it could be listened to on repeat and I would not get bored. All in all, it won't be the last time I listen to them by no means.

Clandestines are given the job to round this E.P. up, they tell us why we are going to remember it, listen to it again and again. Their songs “You'd Have Never Even Asked My Name As Long As You Got The Satisfaction You Need” and “Heavy Now” are grunge thrash pop punk bliss. They do not disappoint, both songs are a joy to listen to and make it 6/6 tracks that have wowed me.

This E.P makes you realise how important Philophobia is, to not only the bands but to the audience. It is one big family and no-one can criticise this label without going through hoards of loyal, hard working, grateful band members; this label reinforces most people's faith in Wakefield music, so to you Philophobia, I salute and thank you for letting me listen to this.

It is the shit!

Jack Falcon

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