Sunday, 6 October 2013

Creature Feature Review

Piskie Sits
Creature Feature
Philophobia Music

Creature Feature is culmination of the raw, edgy, “proper” music that has unmistakably been born and bred in Wakefield. At first the vocals feel rough, but after a few listens they only add the authentic sound the Piskie’s have created.

The opener, ‘I Know And You’ll Know’, sets the precedent for the rest of the album; catchy, wholesome, melodic songs alongside rigid and raw indie-rock guitars. Every track has potential for single release - from the poppy, upbeat Family Tree, to the simple and robust (and cleverly named) Feat. Pharrell Williams. Although each song showcases a different vibe this band effortlessly nail, Viktoria Plzeň is the most striking, and chronic chorus chanting is a known side effect. You have been warned.

Creature Feature will be released on the 21st October.

Amy Walker

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