Saturday, 5 October 2013

Devil's In The Detail Review

The Michael Ainsley Band 
Devil’s in the Detail
(Philophobia Music)

Devil’s In The Detail is a ferocious concoction of shouty vocals, chaotic guitars and boisterous melodies by Wakefield giants, The Michael Ainsley Band. The “thrown together” feel of this album helps the old-school, punk-rock vibe to keep its musical integrity, rather than hinder it. There’s no doubt these lads are doing it right.

Through heavy distortion and amplification, it’s just as chaotic as it is clever. ‘Alcohol’ and title track, ‘Devil’s In The Detail’, are the most prominent tracks, where as ‘Miss You Most Mornings’ strategically takes a backseat and exposes the quintet’s soft side, where nice lyrics and well-executed harmonies come into play.

There’s a real sense of nostalgia to the album, as it takes you back to the good days of the 90’s where pop-punk bands dominated. If this is that music making a comeback, I welcome it with open arms.

Amy Walker

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