Thursday, 10 October 2013

Things That People Love To Remember EP Review

Nadine Carina
Things That People Love To Remember EP
On The Camper Records

In her new EP, Things That People Love To Remember, Nadine Carina’s eclectic mix of old and new lends itself to the uncanny feel that dominates her sound. The infectious electronic loops and galaxy-like ambience takes you miles into the future, whilst the organic folk undertones create a vintage feel and ages the futuristic noise. Bring in Carina’s beautifully remote vocals and her music is timeless. It’s like watching the future unfold through a vintage camera filter.

First track, The Love, demonstrates this uniqueness perfectly. Carina’s gorgeous voice melts over a melancholy backdrop as she sings lyrics of unrequited love. Stars is a shimmering blend of old-school RnB beats laced with simple electronic notation. At times there is even a child-like element, probably due to her experiments with looping vintage toys (yes, her creativity really knows no bounds). Little House is a live track, which benefits the heavy beat and what I can only describe as electronic-organ-sounding-instrument (I really have no idea). It comes across a little spooky, but this is soon broken with her mesmerising vocals that bring a soft comfort.

It feels like nothing you’ve heard before and everything you’ve heard before. It’s a blissful, dreamy, space-travelling adventure, but in the comfort of your own bed. If it sounds like a lot of what I’m saying doesn’t make sense, listen to her. It will then.

Things That People Love To Remember is out November 18.

Amy Walker

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