Thursday, 24 October 2013

Fuxx Review

Forever Cult
Clue Records

Alongside NARCS and Allusondrugs, Forever Cult are the other reason I am so interested in Clue Records right now. Like Wakefield’s own Philophobia Music, the bands have their own styles but seem to be built from a shared DNA that ties them together. Either that, or they just all happen to be really good.

This three track EP does not waste a second of its very brief running time. New bands take note; always leave them wanting more. Opener Sinking clock in at under 2 minutes; that’s fine, I just listened to it twice.

It’s really hard – if you are trying – to write a great song around the two minute mark. Forever Cult, through a channelling of some energetic hybrid of Grunge and Indie, manage it twice, with ease, most likely because they weren’t really trying. That’s just how the songs arrive, and sometimes that can the most special thing of all. The EP is dominated by vital, bottled lightning like directness, full of youthful vigour and passion, only slightly expanded upon for closing track Luck.

So yes, I am excited. Go listen, download, and go see live, it’s that simple.

Dean Freeman

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