Tuesday, 22 October 2013

My Cat / Fruit Review

(Clue Records)

First let’s start with the name, Allusondrugs. Rather out there isn’t it? And for those who believe in the saying “what’s in a name?” I would say in this case, a lot actually. You see, one thing I tend to find with drugs is... they’re not everybody’s cup of tea... and I doubt this band are either. But that’s ok, because whether you’re a fan of alternative rock music or not, there’s no denying this 5-piece from Castleford are bloody good at what they do.

There’s so much going on in their latest single MyCat/Fruit that I’m not prepared to pigeon-hole them or compare them to other artists out there. Both tracks take unexpected twists and turns, propelled by fuzzy guitars, pounding drums and soaring vocals to create undeniable intensity only suitable for sweaty moshpits.

First song, ‘MyCat’ (no reference to the drug or furry animal by the way) is a ferocious explosion of edgy rock, executed with heavy distortion and an impressive range of vocals. The repetitive verses make picking up the lyrics far too easy, and coupled with a powerful and frenzied finale, this song will put people in serious danger at live shows.

‘Fruit’ is a little more chilled. But I suppose once you’ve heard ‘MyCat’ that’s a pretty unhelpful phrase. It features soft verses that build into eruptive instrumentals and then back again. It isn’t necessarily a different side to the band, just a very clever technique that makes those full on heavy rock moments even more detonative.

Amy Walker

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