Monday, 22 October 2012

Appetite For Chivalry Review

Club Smith

I like Club Smith: I’ve seen them live and now I’ve heard their debut album. Why do I like them? Well, that’s a difficult one to pin down exactly, but it goes a little something like this.

There are some meaty tracks on this album, there is a sense of continuity across it; anthemic sing-along moments mix into quiet, more introspective vocals, harsh guitars and electronic sounds dance together with measured skill with the overall effect that the album leaves you with a feeling of familiarity even from the first listen. Now that for me is the mark of quality, ‘instantly familiar’ simply means well crafted song writing.

In a world where you look at the top 40 and despair, where sales of back catalogue outstrip new music sales one despairs for the future; despite these depressing facts, this album comes out in advance of a November tour and so, while bands like Club Smith keep doing what they’re doing, maybe there is hope. That’s why I like them so much!

Matthew Rhodie

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