Friday, 12 October 2012

Issue 3.3 released


We are very pleased to announce our new issue has arrived. And I think it’s a pretty good one. As ever, you can pick them up for free. They will be available first at our Long Division gig, then distributed to the usual places, and probably some unusual ones too. If you’d like to see it anywhere, or want to take some someplace, let me know and we’ll see if we can sort something. Keep an eye on our Facebook for updates as to where they end up.

I don’t think there is much of a theme running through this one. The same old streak of celebrating the individual I guess. Here is a run down of the contents.

DeathChess” is an interview with Chad of The Spills, conducted over a game of Chess. For every piece he lost he had to endure a question selected at random from my notebook of exceedingly difficult questions. How did he cope? Find out here! This issue’s “Working Artist” is Gareth Nicholls, a Wakefield fella who has been making a living as a theatre director for five years now. And he’s not even in his thirties. How on earth does he manage that? “Beard Brothers” is a heartening plee for greater understanding of that most misunderstood of beast: the bearded musician. How does the beard affect the music? How does it affect the beard-wearer? Dan Hayes investigates. “Post War Glamour Girls” is an interview with James from said band, a mere 48 hours after they left the stage at Leeds Festival. How has this adventure affected this most promising of bands? It’s a lovely interview with a very smart and on the ball chap, was a pleasure to do. “Hip Hop Breakfast” sees Paul Bateson share his love of communal, hungover fried breakfasts, created to a badass Hip Hop soundtrack. “RIP Clive Smith” has the man in question debating the reasons behind the news that old records are now outselling new ones. How did this world get so crazy and mixed up? Clive will tell you. “Anatomy Of A Gig” originally appeared on this very blog. It got such a great reaction, I decided it worthy of inclusion in an actual issue. It’s already got a great response; from the printers when I picked it up! “The Train” is a short story by Helen Rhodes, a celebration of the joys of public transport. “Jazz Club” is an interview with Chris, who runs Wakefield Jazz , which has been going for twenty five years and is regarded as one of the best in the country. He gives me an education in why Jazz is so great and still important. “Follow The Drum” this issue begins with a spam email Long Division received offering us a couple of no-marks from Geordie Shores for a meet and greet. Roland X delves into this world and comes up questioning his own prejudices. “Why I Zine” is the first in a new line of articles written by other zine editors. This one is with Christopher Maclachlan who edits Kind Words From The Broken Hearted which is a Cribs zine. Finally, this issue’s “Endtroducing” is Wakefield band The Do’s.

There you go! That’s Issue 3.3. It was designed by the amazing Matt Sidebottom. The cover was by Step Jones and it also contains additional photography and images from John Jowett, Step Jones and John Sarell. We hope you enjoy it. Issue 3.4 will be out in December.

Dean Freeman

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