Saturday, 13 October 2012

Into The Light / Atomic Arabian Facebuster

Into The Light / Atomic Arabian Facebuster
Runaround Kids/ The Spills
Bitching Cassettes

This bitching cassette is nothing but bitching. Both Runaround Kids and The Spills have developed their sound over the past year and are seriously killing it. If you have any preconceptions of Wakefield music, or if you have been living in a cave for the past few years, you are stupid, you are not a friend of mine and you really need to get your act together. This new split single showcases absolutely everything that both bands have learned, thrown together, and deliberated over since they started.

Runaround Kids I feel have created their best song to date in Into The Light.  Following their earlier releases, tours, drunken debauchery and boyish good looks they have struck gold in a big way. They are 
emulating a very distinct and mature sound and believe me, it leaves you questioning ‘why aren’t they fucking huge?’ There time will come trust me on this. Into The Light is a mixture of clattering percussion, fuzzy bass and lyrics that are literally hurled at you.  A bit like a brick being thrown in your face; you can feel the strain, blood, sweat and effort in the song and believe me, you would rise smiling through shattered teeth and ask for more.

The Spills have made it in my eyes, in terms of song writing, live performance and consistency. This single being released after their incredible album Occam’s Razor does not fall short in any way. The title alone ‘Atomic Arabian Facebuster’ is fucking awesome! Musically it is mouth watering, anthemic and painfully addictive. As a listener you can feel the exertion, the pain in the lyrics and the sheer power that they manipulate so cleverly. It is exciting to watch The Spills grow and develop, whatever they are doing, it is working and I especially am looking forward to future releases and so should you.

Go out and buy this bitching cassette, find that unused tape player, wipe off the dust and wear a napkin, shit is going to get messy.

Jack Falcon

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